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obama_blackfolk's Journal

People of Color for Barack Obama
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A community for people of color and anti-racists for Barack Obama
A place for POC and anti-racist supporters of Obama's candidacy to gather and discuss relevant topics without wading through ridiculous blather like "You're playing the race card by acknowledging the existence of racism" or "I'm not racist, but..." If that's going to be part of your argument? Keep it moving. No one here is going to listen to that nonsense.

Our mods here consist of two that you probably know, karnythia and gloriousburdens , and two you may not know, ashatay and uncle_ruckkkus , who is more of a tech support kind of guy. If you know GB and Karn, you know they don't take any foolywang. Due to the sudden need of this community, the Bullshit-o-Meter is pinging at an even highter rate these days.

If you have ANY questions or concerns about the community, please comment on the public entry at obbfmods . Please do not contact the mods in their personal journals.

Posting rules

- Check through the posts to make sure your topic hasn't been posted already. If you see an earlier topic, DO NOT delete your own. Post a link in your topic to the older topic, write DOUBLE POST in the subject line, and lock your topic. A moderator will come by and delete it later.

- We understand that not all people can edit comments. It is okay to delete a comment if you're reposting it to fix HTML or correct numerous typos. It is not okay for you to delete comments in order to deflect an argument. When deleting, mark your post as a repost in the subject like, such as "repost for HTML" or "repost for typos." Otherwise, we'll assume you're deleting for deletion's sake, and that is a ban.

- Do not crosspost to blackfolk . They're sick of us. That's why we're here.

- Please do not start a topic consisting of little more than "LOOK AT THIS FUCKING PICTURE/VIDEO...For daily squees, check out obama_daily . We will be trying to implement a scrapbook for the community as well, so all the Barchelle hotness can be in one place, and from time to time we'll have a picture thread. There will be a CAPTION THIS! post every Friday, and funny macros and hot pictures are always welcome when appropriate. In other words, you can post pictures, just not for no good reason.

Video clips are more or less the same. If it's a funnier, older clip, chances are that we've seen it already. If it's an official Barack clip, we can follow those on his YouTube page. New funnies and updated news clips are fine. Just use your best judgment.

- Be sure that the dimension to your pictures are no more than 400x400. Larger pictures tend to break up layouts and make friends lists difficult to read. We are no longer contacting people when they break this rule. We will simply delete your post.

- If you are posting an article (one that's longer than 400 words), paste the first couple of paragraphs, then link to the article. Doing an LJ cut and posting the entire article under the cut is not the way to do it.

- If you have a question about a warning or a ban, contact the moderators. Do NOT hash it out in the replies, and do NOT make a topic about it.

- Read all the posts in a topic before you post a reply. That's right, ALL of them. If you don't have the time to read other peoples' opinions, why should we read yours?

Community behavior

- obama_blackfolk is for all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions and political parties. However, this is a safe place for people of color. Repeat: this is a safe place for people of color. It was created due to the need for Obama supporters to discuss issues such as race, gender, sexuality, etc. without some butthurt person of privilege trying to tell us what we should think and how we should act. Sometimes we get upset and angry and may say things that you do not like. You may consider it a double standard, and that's your business. But stamping your feet about it and whining about how hard it is to be white is America will get you the boot.

- You get one warning. ONE. After that, the Ban Hammer of Justice comes out. Automatic bans include:

* copying/pasting entries from here to other communities
* copying/pasting locked posts at other communities here w/o permission
* copying/pasting posts from personal LiveJournals that are not your own
* deleting posts in order to avoid arguments or cover up your tracks
* lecturing us on how to behave as minorities with the phrase, "What would Barack Obama do?"
* Bringing up your black friends

- We do our best with the moderation and whatnot, but nobody's perfect. If you see a troll, contact the moderators and we will boot that person right away. We'd tell you not to disengage or don't feed the troll, but if you're from blackfolk , home of the FREEEEEEEEE POSSSSSSSST, you're not going to listen anyway.

- The staff has the right to ban you or reject your submission for any reason we see fit. No submission is rejected due to one person, so claiming that you got banned because so-and-so didn't like you isn't going to endear you to the mods. There are four mods here - three female, one male - with Karn getting the tiebreaker vote. You are free to POLITELY contact a mod at obbfmods as to why you were banned, but you are not owed an explanation.

- There's no crying in obama_blackfolk . We're all grown ass folks here, and we talk, act, and moderate accordingly. Please don't let this happen to you.

And remember: when in doubt, shut the fuck up.

Got yours?


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